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I’d just like a girl with a nice smile and a great butt to smack, grab, and bite. ;D

Dear hot topic girl.

Today I learned your name is Missy.
You have about 6 piercings and they all look great.
You can wear the hell out of a pair of high waist jeans.
And you’ve got the most attractive eyes I have seen in a long while.
I also found out you like very dense and heavy forms of metal and post hardcore punk.

I do too.

I came to learn that you enjoy my taste in music as well as my style of dress, for this I thank you.

It kinda sucked walking out of the store and having you say good bye, because you’re a pretty girl.
There should be no good byes, none at all. I just want to say thank you, you lovely and kind human being.
For having a deep conversation, with out ever speaking any complete or actual words.

Thanks Missy.
Maybe I’ll see you again?
I could use a couple of more shirts.
Haha, but in all honesty.
Thank you for being a friend.
Even if we haven’t had much conversation.

I’ll marry you on the spot if…
  • You can cook a great applie pie.
  • Wear the shit out of some high waist pants and red lip stick.
  • Can make a great italian food.
  • You can turn up the heat when needed.


  • You can play Iron Maiden’s “The Trooper”.
Another of the most attractive photos I’ve seen.

Another of the most attractive photos I’ve seen.

To this day the most attractive photo I’ve seen.

To this day the most attractive photo I’ve seen.

Yo Nigga Draw me your Ideal women.

Let’s just hope she loves me… Her name is…. Eva. :)

If you’re a lovely young lady and can bake an apple pie…

I will marry you.

Right now.

Just put some ice-cream on it, before letting me enjoy your delicious morcel.

While I devour your sweet confectionary, licking up all the sticky residue.

Smacking my lips in joy, provided from your creamy and delicious meal.

And when I look up to see your face, the look of triumph on it, you’re all over me.

Your sweet dessert all over my mouth, tongue, and lips.

And after I clean my self off…

We may just make passionate and erotic love.

End of story.

Beautiful women everywhere.

Love me?

even just a little?

tease me?

a tab bit?

Why must you be so elegant, yet so seductive!