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Someone converse with me!!

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Throw some pussy my way.

And a few butts.

Whatcha doin?

Oh you know…. Being single in a city where no one knows me watching Netflix and eating expensive food by myself.


Is it wrong to want to give some head right now?
Gah… I need a gal for this. Any takers??

Novia Application

Now accepting all girlfriend apps!

1. Do you make apple pie?

2. Can you wear red lipstick and waist high pants every now and again?

3. Can you play or sing Iron Maiden’s “The Trooper”?

4. Would you watch all the LoTR movies?

5. Skyrim?

6. Can I touch the butt?

7. Is there anything that you like about me?

8. Please like me?


10. i need this….

Not gonna lie…

Today was a long day.

I can feel the horny coming on.

Gah… being single sucks.



Still sucks.

especially right meow.

let’s face it…

Mr. Joey here is horny.

Someone ask him shit until he passes out.

Preferably kinky shit…


ask or submit or….

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When can one of y followers start dating me?
Any takers?
You’re in for a treat if you like metal, pasta, and butt touching.
Just saying it’s a fucking great deal.
Let me know!