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Whuuuuutt. #me #self #personal  (Taken with Instagram)

Whuuuuutt. #me #self #personal (Taken with Instagram)

Changes to my blog.

Hello there lovely followers.

How’re you all this evening?

I’m glad you’ve all stuck around for the ride!

Well, I’m just giving you guys an update on my blog!

Here is what is going to change:

  • More Personal Posts
  • Daily Personal Photo¬†(as per follower and anon requests)
  • New Music Posts! I’ll Be Doing Covers
  • Re-Vamping the submissions tab
  • A New Page For Follower, User and Anon Submissions
  • A Couple Of Videos Of Myself And Daily Life
  • And Lots Of More Q & A’s, Anon Question Days, And Things Where You Can Get The Dirt You Want.

Thanks for being such a great group of people and keeping my life entertaining!

I hope to hear from many of you soon!

Send some requests, Submit your pictures, and if you like the blog please SHARE IT!

Much Love After A Long Day Of Work,

Joey “Regret” Castellanos

this is me about 5 years ago…

I was singing “Creep” by Radiohead.



Look me in the eyes and say I’m fucking sexy.

Chillin’ trying to be brutal.

Chillin’ trying to be brutal.

"Hey, Lovely Lady"

Why do you have to be such a doll?

May I come over tonight?

Better yet, let’s sneak out!

I’ll bring my ol’ girl Roxanne, her lovely six stringed self.

I’ll play you a tune, any song you’d like.

Smoke my cigarette as I croon and strum away.

Hey, lovely lady make your way to me.

Show me something, that I haven’t seen.

Make your place under my arm.

A kiss on my cheek, it’s that classic charm.

Hey, lovely lady won’t you sneak out with me tonight?

Let me play you a song, let me sing you to sleep tonight.

my rebloggin’ face!

my rebloggin’ face!