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Tell me anonymously (or not) how we would have sex.

Someone talk to me?

Kik: joeyregret
Skype: joeyregret
Xbox GT: joey402

Or ask me stuff?
Anon is on!

Might even give ya the D…. igits!

Anyone wanna talk or play video games with me!

I’m lonely!
And fuckin cold!
GT: joey402
Skype and Kik: joeyregret
If you want the digits inbox me!
Let’s play!

When can one of y followers start dating me?
Any takers?
You’re in for a treat if you like metal, pasta, and butt touching.
Just saying it’s a fucking great deal.
Let me know!

It’s been a terribly long day.

Talk to me?
Personal things.
But please let there be an ask in my inbox!!!

One guy is fuckin’ batshit trippin’ of pain killers.

The other is crying like a girl on dead space.

So ask use some fucking questions!