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Why regret?

Regret: To have sorrow or Remorse for an act, fault, or disappointment.

Regret is a strong word in my life. The very word and emotion that once made me feel invincible, and then crushed me. There was a point in time, where I felt like nothing could ever take me down. Regret was nothing to me, I feared nothing and I felt nothing. I was abusing of drugs, alienating loved ones, and eventually drove myself to try and commit suicide. Regret, the very same feeling that fueled me had eaten me whole. I had lost so much of myself, that at times that I should’ve felt alive and free in my life.. I felt nothing.

Life had left me bitter, love had left me cold.

I no longer wanted to feel and in the midst of all this abusive lifestyle and actions, I realized that truly I was committing the very acts I swore to myself I’d never do. I was relentless, I was ruthless, I was impervious… to all but one thing, the feeling of regret. Every night, I would not sleep because I was guilty, I had committed such horrendous crimes against myself and my loved ones. I would not eat, talk, or function. I was a husk. A vessel pumped full of drugs and lit off by an undying hatred towards myself. I ended up spending 6 months in and out of the hospital, attempting to regain all that I could.

I fought for my very existence, while battling an undying war within me. I used that feeling of regret to push myself forwards, I embodied the things I always wanted to do and through the emotion, thought, and act of regret I finally came to my senses.

Now after 4 years, I survived. I changed, for myself and along the way this change affected those that I pushed so very far away from me. I accepted my flaws, and I expressed the remorse and feeling of despair I felt. I finally spoke, finally let others listen.

Every single day, I remember that very word.

Regret, my burden and my blessing.

soooo… the pool was awesome.

Met some pretty dope ass people here.

Now I’m just chilling in my room drinking cold beers naked.

Get at me yoooo!

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