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Tell me anonymously (or not) how we would have sex.

Someone talk to me?

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Or ask me stuff?
Anon is on!

Might even give ya the D…. igits!

For anon…

1: Real (first) Name?
My slave name? Never!
2: Current crush!?
Alexandria Breckenridge
3: Addiction?
Coffee, music, and vintage porn.
4: How tall am I?
5: Relationship status?
Single as fuck.
6: Girls I trust?
My sisters, SSR, and me mums.
7: Boys I trust?
That cock sucker Chava, deeg, keek, my pops, and my brohanas.
9: Current mood?
In bed, sleepy.
10: how many followers?
11: Confession;
I luhh dat ass.
12: Who I miss?
13: Who I last hugged?
No one touches me, ever.
14: Who understands me?
Sauron, Vader, and that bitch ass guard from Skyrim.
15: Someone who is always there for me: Jesus. πŸ™ŒπŸ™β˜οΈ lol. Jk batman nigga.
16: Last Text? Danny
17: someone you cry to? Gramps
18: Who makes me laugh the most? Girls. :3 I love them.
19: Who I do the craziest stuff with?
Is this directed towards sex? No one. :(
20: Who makes me smile?
21: What am i listening to?
22: Turn on’s?
Red lips
Thigh highs
Waist high pants
23: Turn offs?
Bear traps
24. Bestfriends?
Same as the guy question.
26: Second confession?
I luhh’ dem thighs.
27: What I hate?
Smiling and colors.
28: Last person to give you butterflies?

One guy is fuckin’ batshit trippin’ of pain killers.

The other is crying like a girl on dead space.

So ask use some fucking questions!