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finally i got food.

feeling better…

gonna spark.

gonna smash.

then check this lovely tumblr, to see if I have any messages! :)

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I’m so…

"dude where’s your car."

So tonight I experienced the effects of sour band.
We where at a babies party when we decided to depart for a little sesh.
After having a cigar and watching my honors get does the fuck out, one of then realizes he needs to get to his car.
Rafa, my bro…. can’t find his car.
He calls the parking lots towing company and they say it could be illegally towed.
This fucker is to the point of tears, calling his mom, his sister, and the cops.
Until at last minute while the cops pull up, he decides to call my friend Benny.
Benny, tells him where the car was last parked by rafa himself.
After calling himself a retard, dumb, and completely fucking stupid right in front of the cop who’d asked him what was going on…
The officer chuckles and says ” Dude where’s your car?” and leaves.
Raga was fried, and hopefully still is, at home with his obviously not stolen or illegally towed car.

Moral of the story: that fucker was fucking roasted.

PS: I’m bored, somewhat horny, and completely fucking tired.
Message me! :)

And time for sleep.

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Having some..

Cranberry juice with a hint of goose.
Little bit of KB going.
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Let’s go!

Honesty hour!
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I don’t want to be forever alone.

Honesty hour?

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